It is important to take care of your skin at all ages, but obviously you do not use the same cream when you are 20, 30 or 50 years old. This is why there are several types of products including moisturizers and anti-aging treatments. We tell you all about their characteristics and their benefits.

What is a moisturizer?

Our epidermis is protected from external aggressions by the hydrolipidic film. This protective film retains water at the heart of the cells, which allows the skin to keep its hydration level. However, some factors such as perspiration, pollution or dust tend to alter it, so you need to use a moisturizer in order to feed it and keep it healthy. A moisturizer therefore consists of an aqueous phase (to hydrate) and an oily phase (to strengthen the hydrolipidic film) in order to nourish the skin while protecting it. Its formulation varies according to the targeted skin type. Creams for combination and oily skin will indeed have a less significant fatty phase unlike creams for dry skin.
Thanks to its hydrating power, this treatment acts on superficial wrinkles but not on deeper wrinkles or sagging skin. It is therefore especially intended for young women under 35 because its antioxidant power is quite low.

What is an anti-aging skincare?

The antioxidant cream has a more global action than the moisturizer and is designed to act on all the effects of skin aging, namely wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, hydration, and even dark spots for certain treatments. It is indeed composed of a combination of hydrating and antioxidant active ingredients in order to protect the skin and limit oxidative stress. It also includes anti-aging active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, rhamnose, retinol, vitamin C, Pro-Xylane … These act in synergy to effectively delay the signs of aging .
This type of care is intended for women aged 30 and over for whom the use of a simple moisturizer is no longer sufficient and who need to turn to more “powerful” creams. This need is explained in particular by the fact that starting at 30 our own collagen production decreases, which unfortunately causes the appearance of wrinkles and dehydration. Indeed, the loss of this essential protein to the beauty of our skin (1% on average each year) causes a decrease in skin elasticity and firmness. Note that certain factors such as prolonged sun exposure or an unbalanced diet can accelerate this phenomenon. The use of a qualitative anti-aging cream is therefore necessary and can be reinforced by a drinkable collagen treatment, for even more efficiency.