Silver Wave Story

Building on 25 years of experience, the team at Silver Wave, has leading reputation in the field of aesthetics.

Silver Wave was founded by expert professionals from the pharma & medical device industries


Cosmetics sell you dreams more than results

Feel free to do what you want, as long as it doesn’t do anything, the CEO of a famous cosmetics firm used to say. Why? Because when there is an effect, there are more chances to produce more or less severe reactions, like redness or irritations. As a consequence, it is easier to sell an inactive product than an active one!


This gap between the promise made to the consumer and the real efficiency of the product is at the origin of Silver Wave. The vision: to offer tangible results to its consumers.

This is the ambition of its founder Gilles Bos. As a French engineer, he began his career in a famous French research center, but the approach was too theorical. Looking for a more human-oriented activity, he first started in the field of ocular surgery, and then moved to aesthetic medicine, with a special interest on hyaluronic acid, which became a real passion. A pioneer in the field of hyaluronic acid, he developed many famous products which are best-sellers. Two thirds of the HA fillers on the market today are based on the technology developed directly or indirectly by Gilles Bos.


As a human lover, he aims at increasing human well-being.

Getting old is a natural process you have to deal with, that unfortunately (or not), no one can stop. Nevertheless, you can help people to live a better life as they get older by reducing the effects of aging. That’s not just a matter of aesthetics, but a matter of harmony and well-being, and, as a consequence, a matter of health. Our body’s real age is not always the same as the age in our mind. The challenge of anti-aging research is first of all to find a new harmony between your body and your mind.


To achieve this objective, Gilles Bos turned toward collagen which is the most appropriate molecule to recover the extracellular matrix and intrinsically improve the quality of the dermis.




The Silver Wave range has been developed by doctors and researchers, for innovative and efficient formulations.

SilverWave Cosmeceutical research is a new approach, combining chemistry and biology, led by doctors, engineers and pharmacologists. Originally, SilverWave products were intended for post-aesthetic or chirurgical treatments. Their efficiency, acclaimed by its consumers, convinced the brand to offer its products to everyone.



Switzerland, a hub for cosmeceutical research, with respect for people and nature.


It is the combination of these two points that completely embodies the values of the brand, that explains the Swiss location of Silver Wave, a country with multiple qualities:

  • Expertise in the biotech and medtech field,
  • Sense of quality and performance
  • Respect for nature and the human being

You can find all these qualities in the Silver Wave product range!