Moisturizing cream vs anti-aging skincare, what is the difference?

It is important to take care of your skin at all ages, but obviously you do not use the same cream when you are 20, 30 or 50 years old. This is why there are several types of products including moisturizers and anti-aging treatments. We tell you all about their characteristics and their benefits.

What is a moisturizer?

Our epidermis is protected from external aggressions by the hydrolipidic film. This protective film retains water at the heart of the cells, which allows the skin to keep its hydration level. However, some factors such as perspiration, pollution or dust tend to alter it, so you need to use a moisturizer in order to feed it and keep it healthy. A moisturizer therefore consists of an aqueous phase (to hydrate) and an oily phase (to strengthen the hydrolipidic film) in order to nourish the skin while protecting it. Its formulation varies according to the targeted skin type. Creams for combination and oily skin will indeed have a less significant fatty phase unlike creams for dry skin.
Thanks to its hydrating power, this treatment acts on superficial wrinkles but not on deeper wrinkles or sagging skin. It is therefore especially intended for young women under 35 because its antioxidant power is quite low.

What is an anti-aging skincare?

The antioxidant cream has a more global action than the moisturizer and is designed to act on all the effects of skin aging, namely wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, hydration, and even dark spots for certain treatments. It is indeed composed of a combination of hydrating and antioxidant active ingredients in order to protect the skin and limit oxidative stress. It also includes anti-aging active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, rhamnose, retinol, vitamin C, Pro-Xylane … These act in synergy to effectively delay the signs of aging .
This type of care is intended for women aged 30 and over for whom the use of a simple moisturizer is no longer sufficient and who need to turn to more “powerful” creams. This need is explained in particular by the fact that starting at 30 our own collagen production decreases, which unfortunately causes the appearance of wrinkles and dehydration. Indeed, the loss of this essential protein to the beauty of our skin (1% on average each year) causes a decrease in skin elasticity and firmness. Note that certain factors such as prolonged sun exposure or an unbalanced diet can accelerate this phenomenon. The use of a qualitative anti-aging cream is therefore necessary and can be reinforced by a drinkable collagen treatment, for even more efficiency.

6 tips to keep beautiful skin after 50

Beautiful skin is synonymous with youth. With the fifties and for women, menopause, the skin tissue degrades and gradually loses its elasticity. Dryness, brown spots, wrinkles and fine lines become more and more apparent. Now is the time to really take care of your skin by adjusting your daily beauty routine. A few simple steps will keep your skin young and radiant.
Carefully developed with the collaboration of renowned physicians and based on a selection of the safest and most powerful ingredients, Silver Wave offers advanced cosmeceuticals for powerful age-defying results.

Step 1: Take a shot of collagen before breakfast

Collagen is a protein found naturally in the dermis. It allows the skin to stay firm and elastic. With age, the concentration of collagen in the body decreases, making the skin tissue less flexible.
Silver Wave has developed Time Sublime Collagen Drink. A drinkable collagen shot with vitamins A, C, E, zinc, biotin and highly concentrated hydrolyzed collagen. Consumed on an empty stomach before breakfast, this blueberry flavored shot will rejuvenate your skin from the inside, giving it radiance and luminosity.

Step 2: Cleanse your face with appropriate care

Taking good care of your skin begins with cleaning your face with products that are suitable for it. Mature and sensitive skin needs non-irritating and hydrating care. Silver Wave has brought together aloe vera and sweet almond oil in one milk. Both are renowned for their softening and emollient properties. They offer you the possibility of washing your face very gently. Vitamins B5 and E, combined with these active ingredients, make this cosmeceutical a real rejuvenating cocktail.

Step 3: Hydrate your skin

Hydration is the secret to beautiful, plump skin. The Time Sublime range from Silver Wave offers a cream and a mask specially formulated to intensely hydrate even the most sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid, NovHyal, vitamin E, olive oil and shea butter combine their benefits to make your skin even more beautiful and comfortable.

Step 4: Use products that reduce age and sun-related spots.

The nightmare of mature skin is the brown spots that appear due to skin aging. To overcome this problem, Silver Wave has created Pigment Expert, a treatment with active ingredients that combines the properties of Antileukine-6, shea butter, olive oil, vitamins B3 and C. Thanks to them, the skin tone is more uniform, the spots faded.

Step 5: Repair to avoid dryness

Not all mature skins are the same. Some are more demanding and require restorative care. The serum, cream and mask in the Optimum Repair range from Silver Wave contain active ingredients such as allantoin or centella asiatica. Both are known for their intensely repairing and emollient properties.

Step 6: Put on sunscreen

The face is the part most exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. Prolonged, repeated exposures accelerate the skin aging process, especially during menopause. They amplify the appearance of dark spots. To help you deal with this problem, Silver Wave offers you the guarantee of intense sun protection, respectful of mature skin, with Face Protect and its high quality mineral and organic filters.

How to choose the right anti-aging treatment?

Fight the signs of aging with anti-aging treatments

Wrinkles, brown spots, loss of elasticity: the signs of aging appear on our face sooner or later depending on the type of skin, lifestyle, and many other environmental factors. In order to delay the natural process of aging, increasingly effective solutions are appearing on the cosmetics market. Day creams are especially essential to moisturize and protect the skin from external aggressions, but also to soothe redness and imperfections. Their active ingredients provide hydration and protection, which gently rebalances the epidermis. That being said, in order to effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles, fine lines and other age-related signs, it is important to use a suitable anti-aging collagen treatment from the age of 25-30. This treatment should be rich in active ingredients, more powerful than those used in day creams, such as hyaluronic acid (HA), vitamin C, or fruit acid. Thus, collagen together with elastin are the main ingredient in the extracellular matrix, which as the name suggests, gives the skin its elasticity and firmness.

Drinkable collagen to fight aging

Hyaluronic acid is mainly known to be used in aesthetic medicine in the form of injections. But although it plumps the skin and provides a rejuvenated look, its effects are still limited, as its action is only local. There is a solution for a more global effect, which will be felt all over the body. Indeed, it is possible to provide the skin with the dose of structural protein it needs to maintain its flexibility as well as its regenerative capacity, thanks to the ingestion of collagen. The latter is a natural protein that makes up several tissues in the human body (muscles, bones, nails, hair, etc.), including those of the skin. That being said, its production capacity decreases with age: we produce 1% less, from the age of 30. For this reason, the best anti-aging solution is based on drinkable highly concentrated hydrolyzed collagen.

Time Sublime from Silver Wave : the collagen drink you need

The collagen in Time Sublime Drink being hydrolyzed, it is much better absorbed by the body and therefore produces greater effects on the skin not only on the face but on the whole body. Indeed, this mode of consumption overcomes the skin barrier which is not possible when applying an anti-wrinkle cream. Time Sublime Collagen Drink from Silver Wave has a high concentration of collagen (10g) and is enriched with other active ingredients necessary to maintain the youthfulness of your skin. No sweetener, no added sugars, no artificial colors, no gluten and no dairy products, the Time Sublime Collagen Drink contains only what is essential. Take it every morning before breakfast and enjoy its delicious blueberry taste.

What are the benefits of collagen for your skin?

Collagen is the most abundant protein found in our body.

It is indeed present in the connective tissues (skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments …) but also in the blood vessels, the bones, the digestive system … It is the collagen which gives strength and elasticity to our tissues and which helps them to form a solid and functioning unit.

What is the role of collagen in your skin?

This protein is essential for supporting the skin. It gives the skin the firmness and elasticity needed to move and function healthily. However, its production decreases with age.

Indeed, our body produces collagen naturally until about the age of 30, after which its production gradually decreases with a loss of about 1% per year at 40 years and 30% per year at 70 years.

Other factors tend to decrease the production of collagen such as smoking, a diet too high in sugar or excessive exposure to the sun. Menopause also has a significant impact. Indeed, at this time in women’s lives, the production of estrogen decreases, which reduces the production of collagen and sebum. The skin is therefore drier and more prone to sagging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

How to compensate for the loss of collagen?

There are different ways to compensate for the decrease in collagen production and reduce its harmful effects on the elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

It is for example very important to have a balanced diet and sufficiently rich in vitamin C. Indeed, this vitamin makes it possible to optimize the production of collagen. Getting into the habit of consuming fruits and vegetables that contain a significant amount such as citrus fruits, kiwis, cabbage, peppers, tomatoes, melons or strawberries, therefore helps prevent the destruction of collagen fibers on the skin.

Additionally, eating eggs, because they naturally contain the precious protein, as well as foods rich in vitamin E (almonds, spinach, quinoa, salmon, pine nuts …) will help us in protecting collagen fibres and elastin.

Collagen drinks: an effective solution to maintain beautiful skin

To limit the loss of collagen production from the age of 30 or at the time of menopause, many women turn to anti-aging creams which are enriched with it. The effect will unfortunately be very limited because the absorption of the protein is slowed down by the skin barrier.

By its internal action, drinkable collagen is therefore an effective complement to your anti-aging cream. It acts at a deeper level and has beneficial effects on the whole organism. A cure of 3 months 2 times per year is optimal to preserve the elasticity of your skin.

However, do not worry, there is no risk of overconsumption. Indeed, if the protein is absorbed in too large quantities, the excess is naturally eliminated by the digestive tract.