Beautiful skin is synonymous with youth. With the fifties and for women, menopause, the skin tissue degrades and gradually loses its elasticity. Dryness, brown spots, wrinkles and fine lines become more and more apparent. Now is the time to really take care of your skin by adjusting your daily beauty routine. A few simple steps will keep your skin young and radiant.
Carefully developed with the collaboration of renowned physicians and based on a selection of the safest and most powerful ingredients, Silver Wave offers advanced cosmeceuticals for powerful age-defying results.

Step 1: Take a shot of collagen before breakfast

Collagen is a protein found naturally in the dermis. It allows the skin to stay firm and elastic. With age, the concentration of collagen in the body decreases, making the skin tissue less flexible.
Silver Wave has developed Time Sublime Collagen Drink. A drinkable collagen shot with vitamins A, C, E, zinc, biotin and highly concentrated hydrolyzed collagen. Consumed on an empty stomach before breakfast, this blueberry flavored shot will rejuvenate your skin from the inside, giving it radiance and luminosity.

Step 2: Cleanse your face with appropriate care

Taking good care of your skin begins with cleaning your face with products that are suitable for it. Mature and sensitive skin needs non-irritating and hydrating care. Silver Wave has brought together aloe vera and sweet almond oil in one milk. Both are renowned for their softening and emollient properties. They offer you the possibility of washing your face very gently. Vitamins B5 and E, combined with these active ingredients, make this cosmeceutical a real rejuvenating cocktail.

Step 3: Hydrate your skin

Hydration is the secret to beautiful, plump skin. The Time Sublime range from Silver Wave offers a cream and a mask specially formulated to intensely hydrate even the most sensitive skin. Hyaluronic acid, NovHyal, vitamin E, olive oil and shea butter combine their benefits to make your skin even more beautiful and comfortable.

Step 4: Use products that reduce age and sun-related spots.

The nightmare of mature skin is the brown spots that appear due to skin aging. To overcome this problem, Silver Wave has created Pigment Expert, a treatment with active ingredients that combines the properties of Antileukine-6, shea butter, olive oil, vitamins B3 and C. Thanks to them, the skin tone is more uniform, the spots faded.

Step 5: Repair to avoid dryness

Not all mature skins are the same. Some are more demanding and require restorative care. The serum, cream and mask in the Optimum Repair range from Silver Wave contain active ingredients such as allantoin or centella asiatica. Both are known for their intensely repairing and emollient properties.

Step 6: Put on sunscreen

The face is the part most exposed to the harmful effects of the sun. Prolonged, repeated exposures accelerate the skin aging process, especially during menopause. They amplify the appearance of dark spots. To help you deal with this problem, Silver Wave offers you the guarantee of intense sun protection, respectful of mature skin, with Face Protect and its high quality mineral and organic filters.