Pigment Expert Mask

Reduces pigmentary marks while efficiently rebalancing melanogenesis. It creates an even skin tone and prevents photo-ageing and dark spots. The superfine fiber structure of the biocellulose mask allows it to fit like a second skin and forms a protective membrane that carries efficiently and uniformly the active ingredients.

e 15ml

The lightening and equalizing properties of Delentigo™ & lemon extract
to reduce age spots, prevent photo-ageing and create a more even skin tone.
The moisturizing and restructuring properties of Glycerin & Fucogel® to provide comfort and softness to the skin.

active ingredients

  • Delentigo

    Delentigo is based on sulforaphane from cress sprouts. This is a “2nd generation” antioxidant from soy, which is a natural inhibitor of the tyrosine kinase. Delentigo is encapsulated in an advanced vector system and enables a targeted and time-releasing activity: it delivers a targeted, stronger lightening effect on age spots than on the surrounding normally pigmented skin.

  • Lemon Extract

    Being highly concentrated in Vitamin C and in AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), Lemon Extract is efficient in correcting pigmentation disorders. It serves as a powerful antioxidant and stimulates cell renewal.

  • Fucogel®

    Fucogel® is a purified biotechnological ingredient, patented, that has the ability to form a film on the skin surface, while capturing water molecules at the same time. Fucogel® enables powerful moisturizing properties providing durable comfort to the skin.

  • Glycerin

    Moisturizes and softens dry or sensitive skin.

How to apply the mask

  • Unfold the mask delicately and remove the protective coverings.
  • Apply the white part of the mask directly on the cleansed face. Start applying on the nose and between eyebrow and adjust it around eyes and mouth areas.
  • Leave on for 15-20 minutes
  • Remove the mask and gently massage any excess serum into the skin.